ImportError: No Module Named 'pysqlite2'

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ImportError: No Module Named 'pysqlite2'

Postby RyanAppDev » 2015-04-21 11:35

Hi, I have written a program in Python 3.4 on windows and all was runnning well on the windows test environment. I installed a virtual machine with Debian and during the setup for the program I ran into an issue. I installed flask with all the dependencies etc but when I go to run the program I get the issue ImportError: No Module Named 'pysqlite2'. I have googled his subject to death and have not came across a solution. Can anyone shed any light on this subject from the picture below or does anyone have experience with a similar problem. Thanks in advance
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Re: ImportError: No Module Named 'pysqlite2'

Postby linearJim » 2015-04-22 17:20

i have not used this library before but it seems that is not available from pip [ because i see you use virtualenv ]

it is available from the debian repos

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└──┤ apt-cache search pysqlite2
python-pysqlite2 - Python interface to SQLite 3
python-pysqlite2-dbg - Python interface to SQLite 3 (debug extension)
python-pysqlite2-doc - Documentation for python-pysqlite2

my mistake, you need for python 3 ....
check this
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