Netlink Library (libnl) API "nl_cache_mngr_add" failed with

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Netlink Library (libnl) API "nl_cache_mngr_add" failed with

Postby ramanjaneya » 2016-10-14 07:02

Hi All,

Below netlink API receive an error on Debian linux. Same is works fine on SUSE linux.

Is this bug in debian linux?

Can some one help what could be the problem?

libnl version 3.2

In netlink/cache.h

extern int nl_cache_mngr_add(struct nl_cache_mngr *,
const char *,
void *,
struct nl_cache **);

-- System Information:
Debian GNU/Linux 8
Linux phoenix-pc 4.1.13-WR7.0.0.10_standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Sep 12 06:51:17 UTC 2016 ppc GNU/Linux

would really appreciate any help!!

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Re: Netlink Library (libnl) API "nl_cache_mngr_add" failed w

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2016-10-14 07:03

Please don't cross post.

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Re: Netlink Library (libnl) API "nl_cache_mngr_add" failed w

Postby tomazzi » 2016-10-14 19:12

ramanjaneya wrote:nl_cache_mngr_add return below error

error: Input/output error

There's no such error defined for nl_cache_mngr_add() function.

As it was already pointed out, You are not using Debian kernel - but somehow, You expecting that a library compiled for completely different kernel will work in Your broken system?

Maybe You should try ntoskrnl.exe? - that obviously won't work either, but it will be more funny...
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