[SOLVED] GUI for multi-line text input for bash script

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[SOLVED] GUI for multi-line text input for bash script

Postby hiltuspeke » 2016-11-16 15:45


I've written very simple bash script to read user input for a variable and then echo that variable to a text file for later use.

I want this script to work on a graphical interface without a terminal window, so currently I'm using Zenity to read the input. It is working marvelously, but the text entry dialog in Zenity only has one line. I need to have a input dialog that allows me to input a string of text with line breaks in it. I couldn't find a way around this in the documentation of Zenity, which leaves me to the conclusion it simply is not possible with Zenity.

Is there another, similar software I could use? Of course there is dialog, but as mentioned, I'd like to stay graphical. I found some ~10 years old discussion online about this very same issue, and they recommended using gtkdialog, but I can't find it in the repos anymore.

And yes, I could theoretically just add -e -switch for echo in my script and use \n instead of enter when writing the input, but that is far from easy-to-use and minimalism I'm aiming for.

What should I use?
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Re: GUI for multi-line text input for bash script

Postby alan stone » 2016-11-17 11:01

Did you have a look here and here?
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Re: GUI for multi-line text input for bash script

Postby kiyop » 2016-11-17 14:33

Yad and so on may be good.
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# PREPARATION - install dialog and xterm
apt update
apt install dialog xterm

xterm -e "dialog --editbox /PATH/TO/FILE 0 0"

ADDED AT Sat Nov 19 13:03:57 JST 2016;

Thank hiltuspeke for telling the option "--text-info --editable" :)
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Re: GUI for multi-line text input for bash script

Postby hiltuspeke » 2016-11-17 18:10

It turned out that this is indeed possible in Zenity.

I found it out while reading the documentation for YAD.
In YAD it is possible to input many lines using Text-info dialog and mark it editable:
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--text-info --editable

After this success in YAD I tried the very same syntax for Zenity, and it indeed is possible with the very same syntax. Case closed.
(Now that I have YAD compiled, I may still stick to that, as it uses GTK+2 and looks nicer on my Mate setup. )
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