RVM alternatives that follow the 'debian way'

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RVM alternatives that follow the 'debian way'

Postby cuchumino » 2017-02-08 01:02

Hello everyone.

I am currently jumping into some development of Ruby on Rails, and the program I'm following suggests to install RVM. However, it points to a script, and then doing a bunch of things in terminal to get it to work correctly. I can do it, but I want to keep Debian in control of packages I put in /etc/bin via apt.

I know about rbenv, but gemset is something that the program I'm following also mentions, and I also know of the existance of rbenv-gemset, but it requires some external packages. Once again, I would prefer if there was a cleaner way.

Wanted to bounce this off the debian community and see what do you guys use as an alternative to RVM that follows the Debian way, and allows something also similar to gemset for various versions of ruby/rails?

Any resources via links would be useful too. :)

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Re: RVM alternatives that follow the 'debian way'

Postby millpond » 2017-03-16 15:43

Surprisingly no one has addressed this issue.

The scripting languages, Ruby, Perl, Rakudo, Python, etc have their own ecosystems, and the Debian maintainers versions are usually hopeless out of date behind them.

A good example of this is 'gem install sciruby-full' - it will insist on an upgrade through RVM .

RVM is a very useful tool, and you can use it to update the system core Ruby itself.
Use the Ruby tools in preference to the Debian tools. You may want to check if Debians gems are installing to a different location than 'gem install'.

Thats the way it is in Perl, for example. system perl and site perl are in different locations. And can be changed in the order they are parsed. If that is a problem, symlinks are your friend.
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Re: RVM alternatives that follow the 'debian way'

Postby cuchumino » 2017-04-13 10:38

Thanks for your reply millpond. I had thought that this post would just float to the bottom down to oblivion. :)

Appreciate your feedback on how you got this to work nicely on Debian.

When I setup this post a couple of months ago, I was completly new to Ruby, coming from a more Python/Java background and gems, Rails, and multiple different Ruby versions were mind boggling and a bit tough to grasp at the time. I understand this a bit better now.

So far, for what I'm using, I haven't needed to go too crazy with external tools as the Debian versions have worked well. However, I'm still just learning, and I know that once I have to create production ready stuff version types, upgrades, and new features will probably drive me to be a bit less conservative with versions.
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