Looking for VCS to watch /etc (without extra files)

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Looking for VCS to watch /etc (without extra files)

Postby mabra » 2017-07-25 02:08

Hi All !

Probably someone knows a VCS, client-server preferred, which can use a directory as its source
and which does not use/create any extra files in this directory.

I want to track all changes of all files inside of "/etc" on a hosted VPS, probaly in some other directories too.
For a client-server construction, it must be able to determine and save a differernce even in absence of the server.

I was looking around, but this was not to find for me. Found some example,
where always etxra files were created inside the watched directory.

If someone knows such a beast, please let me know!

Thanks anyway,
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Re: Looking for VCS to watch /etc (without extra files)

Postby imazighen-thamzgha » 2017-10-15 09:45

Nice profile picture btw lol
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Re: Looking for VCS to watch /etc (without extra files)

Postby pcalvert » 2017-10-16 01:55

It's not a VCS, but perhaps a program like this one will allow you to accomplish most (maybe all) of what you would like to do:


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