As long as we are sharing repos...

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As long as we are sharing repos...

Postby neuraleskimo » 2019-06-07 23:42

I have started to very slowly collect some of my old code into a shareable library. It is/will become a collection of utility code, wrappers, etc. Some examples of things I will eventually get into the library are wrappers for libicu and compression (mostly gzip and zip). I have no real agenda or goals on what the library becomes (other than useful). I would love some collaborators.
Of course, it builds on Debian. However, I use some C++17, so you will need to use Buster or clang from backports for Stretch.

You might also be interested in my Debian build container.

I have also thought about moving some of my Ansible code for Debian into a public repo. Is there any interest in helping on a project like that?
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