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cuckooflew wrote:...also I want to say, to clarify, I do also use "goto" quite a bit myself, all though I am not a programmer by profession, as a hobby I do write some programs for my own use, but obviously no where close to being a expert,...


The "goto" keyword is a valid statement in both C and C++, but because the education quality level is dropping from generation to generation, the software companies have "discovered" that their stupid programmers are not able to use this statement correctly, so they have decided to mark it as a "bad practice" (aka: BLACK MAGIC ;) ) - to save morons from discovering that they are morons...

The "goto" statement can only be used by programmers who do understand the idea of "scope of variables" and the idea of "programing blocks/scopes" - those who don't understand this, will most likely write unsafe/unstable code anyway (no matter whether they're using the "goto" statement or not... )

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