Glade 2 tutorials???? know any good ones...

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Glade 2 tutorials???? know any good ones...

Postby MadSc13ntist » 2005-09-16 13:05

I have to say that the tutorial i have been reading has not been very good to me...

i have run into a few situations where i have adapted to what was missing from the tutorial and thus far i haven't really been beaten-up by it but it has left me feeling a little stranded without a teacher. i am still working on the Gtemp project and am compiling/recompiling without errors but i fail to see any of the changes that i have made since i edited the code... but from what the tutorial is telling me i should see the changes by now and i have started over completely and get the same blasted thing.... so the questions i pose are these. (ANSWERING EVEN ONE OF THESE WILL MOVE ME FORWARD)

1.)Does anyone know of a good Glade 2 tutorial.... preferably by someone that uses it often enough to think of the pit falls a student might find themselves in.

2.)Does anyone know why i am unable to see the changes i have made after i recompile? i.e. the about window i created..... i have stipped it out of my code all-together (main.c/callbacks.c) and yet, it still pops up after i recompile and run gtemp....
(this is also part of the tutorial)

3.)Does anyone know of a forum for Glade 2 students???

Thanks to all that reply.
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