xemacs + python-mode???

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xemacs + python-mode???

Postby Ken Ryder » 2006-01-26 20:27

Hi All,
I'm trying to get python-mode working under Xemacs but am having no luck... I tried doing an "apt-get install python-mode" and selecting syntax highlighting under the appropriate Xemacs menu but none of the key words light up.

I opened a python file under GNU/Emacs and it works so I know the apt-get install command did something - just not for Xemacs.

My next step was to go directly to the sourceforge website and download the python-mode folder. I pulled the python-mode.el file and placed it into a Xemacs directory. I than tried M-x load-library python-mode but I just get a load error...

Any Ideas?

Ken Ryder

Postby Anonomous User » 2007-02-05 21:19

When you load the library, include the path to the file aswell.

Code: Select all
M-x load-library
Load library: /etc/root/python-mode/python-mode

As an example. I hope this helps :).[/code]
Anonomous User

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