kommander questions

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kommander questions

Postby ish_ish » 2006-02-09 13:21

I'm trying to develop a simple GUI using Kommander. I've read some tutorials, but couldn't understand a few simple things:
1. What do I do when I want several windows to communicate with each other? I mean, clicking a button on one window should bring the second window. How do make it happen?
2. A stupid question - it says that I should use the Kommander Text editor in order to add functionality to the widgets I place on the form and simply write a regular script that does what I want. I couldn't make it work - for example, I want a button that once clicked opens an existing text file. How do I do it?
3. How can I run the application not from the Kommander? That is, I would like to create an icon that runs the application (I assume it's impossible, but maybe I'm wrong)

Thanks for your help...

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