makeconfig error

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makeconfig error

Postby BrandonT » 2004-03-17 18:59

I'm trying to compile a new kernel for the first time. So iI used google and found a howto.
I did exactly what is described in the howto but I get an error.

Can somebody help me please?

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Postby BrandonT » 2004-03-17 19:01

Sorry!! Here's the error message:

HOSTCC scripts/fixdep
/bin/sh:line 1: gcc: command not found
make [1] : *** [SCRIPTS/fixdep] fout 127
Make: *** [scripts/fixdep} fout 2
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Postby lacek » 2004-03-18 09:53

You have to install a c compiler in order to compile your kernel (or anything else). You can do it with this command:
apt-get install gcc
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Postby thewolfro » 2004-03-20 10:18

lacek is right. i sugest that you try make menuconfig or make xconfig (if you are running an X server).
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Postby BrandonT » 2004-03-25 19:28

I installed linux again and the problemis solved.

thanks for the replies !
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