what do i do?

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what do i do?

Postby Guest » 2006-03-04 18:02

hey guys, i am currently installing debian sarge on a powerpc 1400 and i now have to configure localepurge. I dont know what this is (new to linux, by the way), and i dont know if i should just leave it alone or try to configure it. if anyone can help i figure you guys could, so if you can help i would appreciate it.


Postby Harold » 2006-03-04 18:23

Assuming that your native tongue is English, you probably have little use for the documentation files on your computer that are written in Swahili, Urdu, Magyar and about a hundred other languages. Deleting them can recover a lot of space on your hard drive. When you configure localepurge, you are telling it what languages are important to you. Thereafter, localpurge will purge documentation written in all other languages.
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thanks alot

Postby Guest » 2006-03-05 22:20

hey, what you said helped me figure it out and continue the installation. thanks a ton!

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