Major movement ...

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Major movement ...

Postby rickh » 2008-10-29 15:00

... in the release critical bug count in the past week. Another week like that, and we'll be hearing about scheduled "release parties."
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Postby slowcoach » 2008-10-29 20:13

Wonderful news, all ready with the Whiskey here, bring on the dancing girls..... 8)
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Postby mzilikazi » 2008-10-31 01:27

Oh is that what this thread was about???.... the title made me think we'd be hearing about rickh's latest bowel movements. ;)
This really is good news - soon I can stop jonesing for my daily sid upgrade fix.
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Postby craigevil » 2008-10-31 04:52

Great news, some of the blogs I have seen lately were predicting June of next yr. I knew that was way too far away and it would release much sooner. My prediction was no later than Christmas.
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