Keyboard Shortcuts Arn't Working Anymore!

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Keyboard Shortcuts Arn't Working Anymore!

Postby ed_po » 2006-05-08 10:56

I'm a newbie to linux.
I use KDE and after installing some packages on debian3.1r2, my keyboard gone mad..
Ctrl+Alt+Something is not working anymore, i mean ctrl+alt+del,fn,etc.
Although i made sure , when installing packages, that synaptic doesn't remove any other packages during the process, apparently some component of one of the recently installed packages overwrited some configuration file that responsible for this issue. One of the installed packages was gtk++2.0-dev, as it was required by other.
I tried to fix it by means of Control Center->Keyboard Shortcuts, but the only thing i could change is to make a shortcut Alt+Del for log on screen,but it strangely doesn't recognize ctrl+alt+something only alt+something..., also i couldn't find there a command for switching VT, i can't switch virtual terminals anymore , the (Alt)+(->,<-) for going back or forward in browsers doesn't work ether!

Plz excuse my english,
any help will be appreciated. :roll:
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