problem with aptitude

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problem with aptitude

Postby woodland_56 » 2006-05-18 18:08


I am new here. I have noticed one problem with aptitude. When I install package 'vlc' , total 23 packages are installed. But when I purge 'vlc' using aptitude
only 22 packages are purged. There is this package 'ttf-freefont' which is kept back by the aptitude, though 'apt-cache show vlc' shows that 'vlc' depends on 'ttf-freefont'. which means aptitude should have automatically purged 'ttf-freefont' when i 'aptitude purge vlc'. i have already posted this problem here

so i dont know whats problem here. is this some kind of bug in aptitude.

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Postby Amaranatha » 2006-05-18 21:25

Maybe another package is depending on it?

Code: Select all
apt-cache showpkg ttf-freefont

and look in Reverse Depends.
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Postby woodland_56 » 2006-05-19 08:28

but if any already installed package depended on 'ttf-freefont' then
wouldnt it be installed with that particular package. i dont understand this.
and i checked your command. the packages shown; none of them are installed on my pc.
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