adobe reader and what else

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adobe reader and what else

Postby texas.chef94 » 2009-12-09 14:15

I find myself about to be involved in a project where I willbe both creating pdf and converting existing pdf to text files. Please advise me on what packages I need to make this process less labor intensive.

Thank you
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Re: adobe reader and what else

Postby Paulfocused » 2009-12-09 15:27

I believe Openoffice handles this task very well. I don't have experience firsthand though.
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Re: adobe reader and what else

Postby bugsbunny » 2009-12-09 16:00

install poppler-utils

Description: PDF utilitites (based on libpoppler)
This package contains pdftops (PDF to PostScript converter), pdfinfo (PDF
document information extractor), pdfimages (PDF image extractor), pdftohtml
(PDF to HTML converter), pdftotext (PDF to text converter), and pdffonts (PDF
font analyzer).

Code: Select all
man pdftotext

As far as creating pdf files I would just print to pdf (via cups), which is what I do for anything I want to save in the first place.

Creating pdf's isn't a problem. Modifying them may be, depending on needs - but that's another issue.
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