New Debian Kernel Policy

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New Debian Kernel Policy

Postby craigevil » 2010-07-17 19:06

Linux kernel packages for Debian have historically had complex
maintainer scripts which can invoke the initramfs builder and/or a boot
loader, based on a mixture of file tests, explicit configuration through
the file /etc/initramfs.conf and debconf questions. Starting with Debian
6.0, this should be greatly simplified.

The new policy is published at
http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.or ... hooks.html. This
policy will affect packages of the Linux kernel, initramfs builders boot
loaders, and the debian-installer.

I regret that this policy has been set so late in the release cycle, but
currently a kernel update can easily leave the system unbootable and
this did need to be addressed before release.

A later version of this policy may also cover FreeBSD and GNU Mach


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