Ubuntu-font how to work with it ?

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Ubuntu-font how to work with it ?

Postby shirish » 2011-01-13 05:21

Hi all,
While cruising around the web I came across http://font.ubuntu.com/ . So from a regular joe's perspective, it seems this font can be for number of languages. I have been interested in it for two things namely :-

a. Quite a few Indian languages are supported
b. The new Indian Rupee sign is there as well http://font.ubuntu.com/rupee/

While I was tempted to download the .tar.gz of the file I digged a bit more and found this :-


Please do not try to download just the .deb or .tar.gz on its own; the test fonts change weekly (normally on a Monday) and having old copies of broken/superceded versions is producing incorrect bug reports. Even worse documents are ending up with the out-of-date fonts embedded in them. Changes of glyph metrics during the beta test will later cause documents to reflow unexpectedly if they've changed! So, please stick to the personalised PPA!).

Now I don't know what to do, can somebody help. I don't know where that PPA is, even if I knew, would I be requiring some newer versions of some helper packages, don't know.

Looking forward to make some kind of semblance of the above.
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Re: Ubuntu-font how to work with it ?

Postby gradinaruvasile » 2011-01-13 09:44

Just create a .fonts folder in your home folder and unpack all .ttf files in it.
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Howto: downloading the Ubuntu Font Family (not the source co

Postby sladen » 2011-01-19 13:04

Indeed: downloading, unpacking, and extracting .ttf files normally working. But normal fonts don't come with source code! You need the binaries not the source code;

There are two separate downloads available on:
  • font.ubuntu.com
    1. Download v0.70.1 .ttfs (0.7 MB .zip)
    2. Download v0.70.1 font source (2.4 MB .tar.gz)
If you want to install the fonts manually (this means that you will not receive automatic on-going updates) the you will want the .zip. If you're a font designer, you will want the source tarball.

The source tarball contains a number of files ending in .ttf which are not usable fonts, these are merely parts of source code (in a binary container format) and these are combined during the build process to produce the final usable fonts. Installing all these pieces of source code as though they were normal fonts won't work particularly well. Some bits might work, depending on which gets loaded but it will be incomplete and not a full font. I guess we need to work out a way of making it clearly that 99.99999% of people downloading probably just want the .ttfs, and not the (unusable) source code!

Remember the fonts are still in relatively early development. Long-term there will be more focus on making easy-to-use installers or packages for many more operating systems; the enthusiasm to get the fonts is far greater and sooner than was expected!

If you just want to use the fonts on a website, then two simples of simple to copy-and-paste code can be found in the Google Font Directory for the Ubuntu Font Family:
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Re: Ubuntu-font how to work with it ?

Postby aim » 2011-01-21 16:26

Just download the latest ttf-ubuntu package from ubuntu's http://packages.ubuntu.com/ttf-ubuntu-font-family

The font is an independend package and does not require anything, so after the download just do

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dpkg -i ttf-ubuntu-font-family*.deb

in the command line as superuser.
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