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new to perl

Postby cuz_why » 2006-10-13 10:04

I've been using this website to try and learn perl but im stumped on one part in chapter 1

It says make a begperl directory, which i have one.
the second step is to open an editor to add the lines it tells me to inside it.

How do I do this? :O How do I open an editor i mean to add the lines and save it as a .pl file.

Also I don't know if this makes a different but I have perl -v

edit: here is what its asking me

step 1: open your terminal cd to your home directory did that
step 2: mkdir begperl and then cd to begperl and i did that( it actually said i already had a directory with that name)
step 3: open your favirote editor and edit hello.plx ( how do i do this? lawl)
step 4: confirm that perl is installed in /usr/bin/perl ( not sure if it is, and if it isnt does it really matter? Also does it matter if my version of perl is only perl -v? )
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Postby shoof » 2006-10-13 14:45

It's going to have you create the script in whatever your favorite text editor is. vi is installed by default, so you could do


Vi can be hard to understand at first, their are numerous text editors, and everybody has their favorites. Personally I found joe easy to use and powerful enough for the command line.

Perl will be installed in /usr/bin/ by default, you can always verify this by

which perl

That will show you where it is located.
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Postby ajdlinux » 2006-10-13 21:17

I don't think vi is default anymore (nvi is Priority: optional, and vim is as well), nano is definitely installed by default, and nano is easier to use anyway.
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Postby cuz_why » 2006-10-14 05:14

thanks guys ^^
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Postby _FOCUS_ » 2006-10-17 06:11

I also new to perl. But I know that you don't need to install anything to run perl codes in Linux. İt is already a Linux program.
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