Some beginners questions

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Some beginners questions

Postby Linlord » 2004-03-06 16:37

Helllo people. I heart some great things about debian so I tought lets try it.
But there our some things that are different to Redhat, wich is the distribution I'm used to.

I got Apache installed:
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apt-get install apache

(thats easy!!)

But when I whant to install php and mysql the sameway it says; there aint no packages called php or mysql.
How is this possible? Is there an other way to install these packages?
And how do I know wich packages there are already installed?

An other thing is how do I startup programs during the bootprocess? I can't find rc.local.

I hope someone can help me 'couse everthing else looks great!
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Postby PL99 » 2004-03-06 23:08

linlord, welcome to debian !!!!! and let yourself be amazed by the logica

When you want to install a package you need to know the exact name. You can find this by :
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apt-cache search [ThePackageYouWhant]

So if you want to install php type :
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apt-cache search php

Then you will see that the package you wantis called
So in this case you have to type
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 apt-get install php4

For MySQL you need the following packages :

If you want to the packages which are already installed type :

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dpkg -l |less
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Postby MarkvD » 2004-03-07 08:15

The services can be found in /etc/rcS/ and /etc/rc0 .. /etc/rc6.

But debian made it easy for us:
You can use
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 dpkg-reconfigure [package] and dpkg-preconfigure [package]

to configure the services.

PS: Welcome to Debian!!
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