Any Linux fan just has to get a GP2X!

If it doesn't relate to Debian, but you still want to share it, please do it here

Please read the Wikipedia page about GP2X before voting. Do you want a GP2X?

Total votes : 12

Postby Lost Dog » 2007-01-11 04:05

Dargor wrote:Lost Dog do you have anything else on it besides games, do you have the wifi thing

Nope, there is no built in wifi. I think some people have an external one however. I only got it simply for games. If I want a portable to surf the web and such I've got a PDA for that.

It does have media players, picture viewers and text viewers but for me it's just to relive my super mario brother's past.
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Lost Dog
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Postby Dargor » 2007-01-11 06:45

Lost Dog, fair enough.
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