systemd idleaction false evaluation

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systemd idleaction false evaluation

Postby peekaa » 2016-05-19 06:36

I got fresh new install debian jessie 8.4. I would like to hibernate/poweroff machine (acts like mini home server) after some time of inactivity - samba, apache, and might be even ssh.

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linuxbox:~# cat /etc/systemd/logind.conf

But it went to hibernate even when i am connected with apache, when do admin job with ssh, .... What is wrong?

In man logind.conf is strange sentence with no other detailed explanation:

Note that this requires that user sessions correctly report the idle status to the
system. The system will execute the action after all sessions report that they are
idle, no idle inhibitor lock is active, and subsequently, the time configured with
IdleActionSec= (see below) has expired.

So I am confused if it is error from samba/apache/sshd, or systemd, or mine.......

I could not find any help for this case neither here nor in google. Thank you.
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