Bluetooth mouse stops working (Logitech MX Master)

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Bluetooth mouse stops working (Logitech MX Master)

Postby juno » 2016-06-17 07:54


I am using a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse: MX Master [1].
It uses Bluetooth Smart to connect to my Thinkpad T460s, Debian Testing, Kernel 4.6.
Occasionaly the mouse pointer freezes and I can only move it using the trackpoint.
To make the mouse work again, I have been using a workaround:
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/etc/init.d/bluetooth stop
/etc/init.d/bluetooth start

Yet it would be much better to get to the problem itself, but I am lost there.
I was thinking about power saving mechanisms, but I'm not sure.
I have installed TLP utility FYI:
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jni@sherlock:~/Downloads$ dpkg -l | grep tlp
ii  tlp                                                         0.8-1                                all          Save battery power on laptops
ii  tlp-rdw                                                     0.8-1                                all          Radio device wizard

but only adjusted battery charge treshold in /etc/default/tlp.

Since I am quite a Linux / Debian novice, I would be thankful for any hint/advice


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