TimeShift Video Live

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TimeShift Video Live

Postby bester69 » 2017-03-05 03:50

TimeShift Funtion

I was looking for something in linux to get this function implemented, I think i finally got it.

I was able to watch a Youtube live streams and pause/restore it without losing the coninuity of the video.
I could do the same with any acestream's live.

I was able to do it by activating "Zero-Cache" in Kodi.
Enabling Zero Cache allows users to download much larger portions of video files at one time by simply pausing the video file for a minute or two during playback, allowing bigger portions of the file to load ahead. This does not resolve any speed issues. Without zero cache, the video file downloads to your devices RAM, which in Kodi is set to 60MB by default.

Do you know any other better way to get this Time-shifting function in linux? :idea:
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