custom keyboard shortcuts in gnome-shell 3.22

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custom keyboard shortcuts in gnome-shell 3.22

Postby morgon » 2017-07-13 22:16


I have nothing but problems after a fresh install of stretch...

So I have gnome-shell 3.22 and it seems I cannot define custom keyboard shortcuts. Using the keyboard settings I can add one, I can give them a name, I can enter the command I want them to run, but when I press "Edit" on "Shortcut" exactly nothing happens. So I cannot map the command to the key-combination I want to use.

Is there another way to do this?

Many thanks!
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Re: custom keyboard shortcuts in gnome-shell 3.22

Postby Lysander » 2017-07-14 10:26

It does work. Have done it a couple of times in 3.22.

To create your own application keyboard shortcut in the Keyboard settings:

1. Click the + button. The Custom Shortcut window will appear.
2. Type a Name to identify the shortcut, and a Command to run an application, then click Add. For example, if you wanted the shortcut to open Rhythmbox, you could name it Music and use the rhythmbox command.
3. Click Disabled in the row that was just added. When it changes to New accelerator…, hold down the desired shortcut key combination. ... et.html.en
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