"showconsolefont" shows garbage in CLI mode

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"showconsolefont" shows garbage in CLI mode

Postby randytech » 2017-07-18 19:09

I get lines and lines of garbage on the Raspberry console running jessie when I run the showconsolefont command:
ï€ ï€ ï€ ï€ !ï€ "ï€ #ï€ $ï€ %ï€ &ï€ 'ï€ (ï€ ï€ )ï€ *ï€ +ï€ ,ï€ -ï€ .ï€ /ï€ 0ï€ ï€ 1ï€ 2ï€ 3ï€ 4ï€ 5ï€ 6ï€ 7ï€ 8ï€ ï€ 9ï€ :ï€ ;ï€ <ï€ =ï€ >ï€ ?ï€ @ï€ ï€

I've tried numerous "setfont" alternatives. They all give me various flavors of garbage characters. Also tried various "Localisation Options".

Anybody know what do I need to do to make the showconsolefont command translate into something that resembles some kind of standard ascii character set?
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