menus missing applications after upgrading

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menus missing applications after upgrading

Postby Dave41 » 2017-10-14 20:10

So, I was on wheezy for a long time and then updated to new stable. It went smoothly with the one exception of my menus seem to be missing major applications. They are installed properly via regular apt-get packages, but not on the WM menus. I use Fluxbox, but it isn't a Fluxbox thing as I checked in other window managers and the same applications are missing. The programs are showing up on menulibre, so I am a bit perplexed as to why they aren't showing up in Fluxbox, PekWM etc..

Examples: gedit libreoffice

I could add the applications manually to the Fluxbox menu, but I'd rather not have to do that as I like to move between different window managers on occasion to mix things up. Anybody know what the fix is?
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Re: menus missing applications after upgrading

Postby Dave41 » 2017-10-14 23:55

Apparently there is two menuing systems in Debian right now and there is infighting among the developers to the point where a lot of packages do not support the old system even though a lot of the window managers rely on them. If you want the WMs to pick up the applications you are going to have to manually feed the old system with the missing entries.

New 'Desktop" system directory:

Old 'menu' directory:

You will need to install 'devscripts'; it has desktop2menu in it.

From there you will have to run:
desktop2menu [application'] [application] >/usr/share/menu/[application]
That will build the menu listing that debian will grab and use when you run 'update-menus'.
Unfortunately, you will have to manually edit each created file as they need the '%U' removed. I am sure a script could be written to make this job easier. Yes, this is dumb.
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Re: menus missing applications after upgrading

Postby debiman » 2017-10-15 07:45

i usually go the other way, i try to add xdg menu support to my wm's menu.
i have been using obmenu-generator and its sibling fbmenugen for that. the perl dependencies are a little tricky to get working, with adding the right envirionment variables etc.
but it's an extremely good app.
i even added a hook to dpkg to regenerate the menu.

but this might still leave out some apps that show up in the "traditional" menu.
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