Doc is opened in the background when LO is already running

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Doc is opened in the background when LO is already running

Postby IlikeBörek » 2017-10-13 11:55

I already asked about this in the Apache Open Office forum, but as I got no replies there, I'll try here too. If I find a solution there, I'll post it in both forums. I hope that is okay for both forums. In the forum guidelines only crossposting within the forum is covered.

So this is my problem:

when I open a LibreOffice-Document (via filemanager (Caja) or terminal) when another LO-Document is already open, the second Document is opened in the background.

To be precise, this is what I do:

  • open Doc1 (by double-klicking it in filemanager) -> Doc1 is opened on top of filemanager
  • move the filemanager on top by klicking it on the taskbar
  • open doc2 (by double-klicking it in filemanager) -> Doc2 is opened in the background of filemanager

My first thought was that it's a matter of the filemanager or the window-manager, but:
  • Other applications behave different. When I open a second PDF-Document or a second Image, they are opened on top of the filemanager as expected.
  • Another "filemanager" behaves the same way. When I open doc2 via xterm or another terminal, doc2 is also opened in the background.

I did some search and found the proposition to set /org.openoffice.Office.Common/View/NewDocumentHandlung/ForceFocusAndToFront to true via Expert Configuration, but that did not change anything.

Any Ideas?
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Re: Doc is opened in the background when LO is already runni

Postby IlikeBörek » 2017-11-10 18:15

After trying around a bit I found out it only happens when either the sidebar is opened or one of the windows with the contets of the sidebar (Properties, Styles and Fortmatting, Gallery, etc.) is open.

There's an old bug report on this here: ... i?id=64033

A workaround is: close the sidebar.
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