Can't detect boot drive UEFI

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Can't detect boot drive UEFI

Postby dharmanshu_125 » 2017-12-09 05:56

I installed Debian as UEFI and it was working fine. But then booted into windows setup using BIOS. I didn't install windows I just booted into it and exited. After that my laptop is not able to detect boot drive in EFI mode. And in BIOS mode it's not booting successfully.
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Re: Can't detect boot drive UEFI

Postby Capitain_Jack » 2017-12-16 21:00

It sounds like your MB have both, UEFI and legacy boot enabled, so the install you made was somehow buggy legacy boot, when you booted into windows setup, it was a UEFI boot, witch may have harmed the linux legacy boot trying to fix the windows uefi boot. If you wish to use both, ensure to install windows and linux into legacy boot by properly selecting the non ACPI boot option manualy when turning on the computer (I've seen that happen before)
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