Moving Files in Nemo

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Moving Files in Nemo

Postby jpsimm » 2017-12-12 05:37

I am sorting our thousands of old files from various sources onto a new 6TB hard drive. I do not want to copy files but to move them. Like in eariler versions of Windows one cannot simply move a file, one directory to another. One can only copy them. Trouble is though that then I end up with my files in two places. Doing work this way tends to confuse because how does one remember if a file has been moved or not? I want to simply and cleanly, in one operation, move a file. Does anyone know why the Gnome dev types have not thought of this? In the menu bar at the top of Nemo under "edit" there are some ghosted choices one of which is "move". Does anyone know how to unghost a menu selection? Does anyone know how to move files without the bother of copying them? I though Linux was superior but sometimes I wonder. :x

Thanks to all....
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Re: Moving Files in Nemo

Postby dilberts_left_nut » 2017-12-12 06:06

Maybe you don't have permission to delete from your source?

There is also plenty of better file managers to choose from.
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Re: Moving Files in Nemo

Postby Dai_trying » 2017-12-12 08:08

I have had this problem an some drives and have changed ownership of the mounted directory (i.e. /media/user/external_drive_id) you can use the command sudo chown user:user /media/user/external_drive_id obviously you will need to check the correct path to your mountpoint but it should become available afterwards.
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Re: Moving Files in Nemo

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-12-12 10:06

Does anyone know how to move files without the bother of copying them? I though Linux was superior but sometimes I wonder

I don't know about Nemo , Windows ,and all that,they do have a tendency to complicate everything..but yes Linux is much
simpler, and superior,...
Moving files are very simple. There is a command for that : 'mv'
Code: Select all
man mv

For details.
MV(1) General Commands Manual MV(1)

mv - move files

mv [-fiv] source target
mv [-fiv] source ... directory

A few examples.
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mv  thisfile.txt  /home/garry/thatfile.txt

Moves the file from the directory I am in, and has the file, to my home dir, and a new filename, "thatfile.txt".

Another, let's say , for example, when I have my camera plugged in, I want
to move the photos off it, and to my PC.
After mounting it, I usually mount it in a sub dir in my home dir, named usb
so , 'cd /home/garry/usb'
then I see all the camera dirs and files....
'cd' to the correct dir, when I am in the dir with the photos,..

Code: Select all
mv *.* /home/garry/pictures/

Done, the camera no longer has any photos, is empty ,...the photos are all now in my /pictures/ dir. How much simpler can you get ?
Code: Select all
ls (shows me all my files and dirs)
$mv thisdir  /home/garry/thisdir
#moves the entire dir "thisdir" to /home/garry
SOoooo simple .
There is also plenty of better file managers to choose from.

Also, I have found that Thunar is pretty good, I can simply >select a dir, and use <cut>, the paste the dir where ever I want, or select all the sub directorys,and files, "cut", paste in to another dir,...VERY simple, I don't use it
though when the files need root privileges , to be moved or removed.
In some cases depending, what I do , use chown, and make me the owner
so I can move them to my home dir, and edit,etc, as normal user,... Sometimes
some things get a little more complicated, but that is no fault of Linux, it is just
a fact of life, and with computers.
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