Debian STABLE - a few nit-bits ... :(

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Re: Debian STABLE - a few nit-bits ... :(

Postby stevepusser » 2017-12-29 23:57

Who on earth advised you to go to testing to fix a buggy package? The maintainer, the original upstream developer, or some random schmoe? That's not how it works. If a stable package is broken, either the fix should be ported into Stable or the broken package removed from Stable.
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Re: Debian STABLE - a few nit-bits ... :(

Postby makh » 2018-01-01 16:43

stevepusser wrote:Who on earth advised you to go to testing ...

Sir! if I recall this twice happened in old stable and previous, with two applications. One was probably "thwab" or "thawab"
Other I forgot. I would need to trace the bug reports in my email.


1. I think some more people would have faced similar, too, perhaps.
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