MIC JACK detection fails

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MIC JACK detection fails

Postby Martin25 » 2018-03-06 10:49


I have a problem with detecting microphone on my Lenovo laptop with a combo jack.
When I plug in my headset, the
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utility shows only
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 jack/headphone HEADPHONE plug
and MIC is undetected.

I am sure the mic works fine because it works in Windows.
I found, for me curious, workaround: 1) boot into Windows, 2) restart computer 3) boot into Debian.
This booting into Windows seems to correct something and mic is detected.
However, turning off and on the computer with direct booting into Debian brings up the problem again. ( What is a difference between restart and cold start ? )
The same occurs when I suspend Debian ( Mic becomes undetected )

I attache two outputs from alsa-info for detailed info ( in both cases mic is not plugged in )
1) http://paste.debian.net/1013380/ - obtained right after booting into Debian with the previous Windows boot. ( i.e. mic is recognized upon plugging )
2) http://paste.debian.net/1013381/ - obtained after suspend ( mic is not detected upon plugging )

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diff file1 file2
tells me there are different values for "Power: setting" D0 vs D3 ( have no idea what it means )

I found out that D0 refers to full power and D3 to low power setting. I also found how to manually change this power state: ( the 1st parameter is the snd card and the 2nd determines a node, see outputs from alsa-info )
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hda-verb /dev/snd/hwC0D0 0x08 SET_POWER 0x0

Therefore, I can achieve the same state of my sound card ( obtained from alsa-info ) after suspend as the one when mic is detectable.
However, the mic still doesn't work. There must be some other problem.

My next step in my debugging was to check the state of my snd card using
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lspci -xxxx -vvv -b

which again shows some differences between working and not working state. However, the output differs even from one suspend/wakeup to another, so it may not be useful for finding the working state of my snd card.

Is my question understandable? Do you need some more details?

Is there any way to make MIC detectable even without booting into Windows?
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