Which version to install?

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Which version to install?

Postby csj1980 » 2018-03-29 00:44

Hello all, I am new here, sorry if this is the wrong place for this..
I just built a new system and was hoping to get stable up and running on it with minimal fuss but it just didn't work that way it seems.
After reading several posts on various forums, someone posted I needed to install Buster for the graphics to work out of the box, just installed it and still graphics aren't working properly. Before that I installed 9.4 and updated kernel to 4.15. Video working but a few other things broke in process. (bluetooth, brightness settings, sleep mode, etc.)
So Please, which one would be best to start with for this hardware? Thank you for any an all information! I don't mind if I have to do some setting up, but whatever I can get working "out of box" would be great. I would like to stick with Debian as it's what I am running on my older box and it runs perfectly.

Here are a few of the specs...
CPU : Core i7-8700K (Using on board graphics - buster shows "VGA Controller - Intel Device 3e92"
Mobo: GIGABYTE AORUS Gaming 5 Intel LGA1151 - Z370
SSD: Samsung EVO 500GB
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Re: Which version to install?

Postby debiman » 2018-03-29 07:11

rule of thumb:
1. look at the date of the latest stable release (debian in this case)
2. compare to the age of your components
3. if any components are newer than 1., find another distro
4. if all components are at least a year older than 1., go ahead.
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Re: Which version to install?

Postby sunrat » 2018-03-29 22:38

If you're new to Debian, try to stick with stable release. If 9.4 with backports works, use that and deal with the lesser issues separately. They will probably be a matter of getting correct firmware and /or drivers. Testing (Buster) takes much more maintenance and is prone to breakage.
Phoronix tested this processor 6 months ago successfully with Ubuntu 17.10 so it can be enticed to work. Note what he says about adding a boot parameter for proper graphics function. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page= ... 700k&num=1 The main difference in Ubuntu 17.10 from Debian is a newer kernel which you already got from backports, and nonfree firmware which you'll have to sort out.
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