Avahi in shared/tethered network

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Avahi in shared/tethered network

Postby schmidtbag » 2018-07-16 13:14

I have a system which I intend it to behave somewhat like a router, where I have many smaller headless systems connected directly to it via Ethernet. Using NetworkManager, I have these smaller systems connected via the "Shared to other computers" in the IPv4 settings. However, it seems using this breaks Avahi - I want to be able to easily ssh or sftp into these systems without having to memorize their IP addresses, and for whatever reason, Avahi doesn't work here.

I tried editing avahi-daemon.conf and used the following settings, but they didn't seem to do anything:
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publish-dns-servers= is the IP if the "main" computer, and is also the DNS address configured in NetworkManager.

Anybody know why this isn't working?
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