My Lenovo is now a brick

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Re: My Lenovo is now a brick

Postby venom104 » 2018-10-22 16:07

michaelbesselman wrote:I attempted to install Debian on my laptop (A Lenovo W540). Now when the laptop is booted I get a list of hard drives/USB devices where I could start the system from. But when I select any of them, I just get reverted back to the same screen. Is there a way to re-partition everything on a laptop that will allow me to get past this point? Or did I create a brick?

Not sure if it has to do with your problem or machine specifically, but a bunch of Lenovos that came my way had a problem with linux that required BOTH secureboot to be off and IMOUU to be turned off or set to legacy before any type of bootloader would work (that wasn't the installed windows 8 version).
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