My apt-get is suddenly giving me 404 errors

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Re: My apt-get is suddenly giving me 404 errors

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2018-10-31 06:19

stevepusser wrote:I've also never seen "buster debug" before, but maybe it exists. :?

Yes! The debug repositories contain packages compiled with the debug flags enabled, which is tremendously useful if a program is crashing: ... ng_symbols

In Arch or Alpine the user has to recompile the program locally to get a proper backtrace, which can be a pain.
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Re: My apt-get is suddenly giving me 404 errors

Postby HankB » 2018-10-31 20:54

stevepusser wrote:Almost certainly you would have been able to get your wi-fi working on stable with some additional packages from stretch-backports, especially since stretch-backports has almost the same kernel version as Buster and the same firmware. I and others here having been helping users do that almost daily.

Thanks, I may roll back and give that another try.

Even Buster alone was not sufficient to get stable operation (for some definition of stable *.) In addition to drivers I had to get firmware directly from a Killer Github project.

(*) Bluetooth occasionally disappears and a full power down is required to restore operation. There's considerable discussion of this on the Dell forums since Ubuntu us supported by Dell on this model.
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