Moving an existing system to a new computer

Getting your soundcard to work, using Debian on non-i386 hardware, etc

Re: Moving an existing system to a new computer

Postby bw123 » 2018-11-03 20:42

Yaron wrote:Unfortunately, it seems like some people here are more interested in fighting then helping. I'm not gonna spend any more time on pointless fights; I've already spend hell more than I should have done.

Thanks all for your tremendous help. I still think all in all Debian is the best linux distribution. Wish I could say the same about its community.

I think it's not good to leave your thread in this state, but it's up to you. I'm not sure why you're now complaining about the debian community, but I'm glad you like debian as a gnu/linux os. Debian has a lot things going right, even though there are problems. One of the debian promises is not to hide problems. I don't think the community is really all that adversarial, but yeah sometimes people bicker, I think it's healthy. Sorry if you took offense.

This is kind of cheezy, but I thinik it would not exists if most people didn't really mean it.

The point for me is, we (all) can help solve (your) problems and make the distro better (for everybody), so don't take it personal. The idea is to get a thread marked solved. Some people throw up barriers or refuse to disclose information and it makes people suspicious. It looks like trolling. Some people just want to keep posting to a perpetual thread to complain because they are just perpetual complainers.

If you solved your problem, then fine, maybe you should let things be. If your real problem is you're a troll, and want to complain and waste people's time, then go watch some funny youtube or play some wesnoth awhile, you must be bored?

p.s. ... snoth-1.14
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Re: Moving an existing system to a new computer

Postby Yaron » 2018-11-05 07:57

A genuine thanks for those who do try to help.

My goal in with this thread was simply to find if there are any means or tools I can use to make hardware configuration [more] automatic when transitioning to a new computer: maybe some tool I can use or package I can install or configuration I need to change, that makes hardware configuration [more] automatic. I thought maybe the debian installer uses something than I can somehow take advantage of even after installation. From what I understand, none of you know of such a way, and that's fine. I didn't mean it to turn into long, tiring and pointless arguments. I think I'll just install Debian from scratch on the new computer (not a big deal) and I believe things will go smooth. If I still experience problems I'll ask again, in a different thread.
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