qt creator installation

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qt creator installation

Postby rrrrrr » 2018-11-26 02:17


I have installed qt creator by going to synaptic package manager and selecting the qt creator package. The qt creator package and other packages that the package manager selected were installed. The problem is I can't get qt creator to work. When i set a qt creator version a message states that qt creator was not installed correctly. Does anyone know if there are packages that I have not installed.
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Re: qt creator installation

Postby ruwolf » 2019-01-28 01:24

Hello rrrrrr :)

I do not understand.
Where do you set Qt Creator version?
I am not Qt Master, but for me, it seems, that there is only 1 standard version of this package in Debian.

BTW, in directory /var/log/apt there should be files with names like term.log, term.log.1.gz, where you can see messages produced during installation.
If there was any error, it should be written there, in my opinion, because Synaptic uses APT.
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Re: qt creator installation

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2019-01-28 07:44

rrrrrr wrote:When i set a qt creator version a message states that qt creator was not installed correctly

Would it be possible to post the exact error message?

You could try
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# apt install --reinstall --option APT::Install-Recommends=true qtcreator

You could also try the --install-suggests flag but that results in 15.2GiB of additional disk space being used in my (non-Qt) buster box :o
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