bluetooth pairing problem

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bluetooth pairing problem

Postby peer » 2019-07-13 08:47

system: Debian testing kde
I am not able to connect my Sanwu audio device (bluetooth 4.2). It did work in the past.
Bluetooth on my pc works because I can connect to my smartphone.
The Sanwu device also works because I can connect this to my smartphone without a PIN.

On the pc the Sanwu device is found by the bluetooth manager. When I try to connect I get the following notification:'Connection to the device failed.' Then I click on the button (with two sliders on it) in the notification to see extra information messages:
Confirm Confirm a device request using matching pins
Incoming file Incoming file transfer
Authorisation request A device wants to connect
Connection failed Connection to device failed
request PIN A PIN is needed

I tried connecting without entering a manual pin (this worke on the smartphone). with pin 0000 and with pin 1234 but always got the same error.
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Re: bluetooth pairing problem

Postby peer » 2019-07-14 08:54

solved it but I do not know how.
I reinstalled bluetooth packages, No improvement
Tried to connect in the terminal . Did not work
Tried anothe bluetooth adapter.
Installed blueman. Did not work either.
Uninstalled blueman again. Suddenly I could connect to the Sanwu again.
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