Installation on a separated HDD

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Installation on a separated HDD

Postby stevens » 2019-07-15 22:46

I would like to install Debian 9.9 on a partitioned earlier with gdisk GPT HDD.
I prepared on this HDD as first partition: 500 MB EFI partition, second partition as an EXT4 partition, and the third partition SWAP 900 MB.
The first partition has the EFI EF00, the second the Linux 8300, and the third the swap 8200 codes.
I would not like to partition again this HDD with the Debian installer, but it seems to be impossible.
How to install Debian to this HDD with the partitions I choosed and made earlier?
Thank you for the help!
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Re: Installation on a separated HDD

Postby ruwolf » 2019-07-16 07:30

How is the alleged impossibility demonstrated?
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Re: Installation on a separated HDD

Postby Dai_trying » 2019-07-16 07:40

choose manual at the partitioning stage and you can configure it how you want.
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