Audio (and backlight) on ASUS t103h

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Audio (and backlight) on ASUS t103h

Postby dlj0 » 2019-08-11 19:58

I just got a new notebook, an ASUS transformer mini t103h. I installed debian 10 (and went to testing, which my other machines have). Kernel is 4.19.0-5-amd64. Most everything worked out of the box; wifi, bluetooth, touchscreen. But I have searched for a way to get the speakers to work. Most of the cures were already taken care of -- they were actually for the 101 or 102 models. I suspect a module conflict, but don't have any information which ones are the problem. I hooked up bluetooth headphones, and they work fine.
I would also like to know how to get the backlight adjustment working, either on-screen or using the buttons.
Does anyone out there have one of these? Share the experience?
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Re: Audio (and backlight) on ASUS t103h

Postby stevepusser » 2019-08-11 20:08

If it's recent Intel hardware, it needs firmware-misc-nonfree for correct audio support. ... sc-nonfree

Refer to the 6.85 gazillion posts here on how to install non-free firmware, or just look in the Debian wiki.
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