No protocol specified

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No protocol specified

Postby sodcore » 2019-09-02 21:29

I have updated to Debian Buster and many of my programs will not start in root as it says thing like the following depending on the program.

If I try to run the eagle simulator for electronics I get the following:
/home/donald/Documents/Programs/Installed/Electronics_simulator/eagle-8.0.1/eagle: /home/donald/Documents/Programs/Installed/Electronics_simulator/eagle-8.0.1/lib/ no version information available (required by /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
No protocol specified
QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display :0

It also does not work when I am logged in as my regular user name.
It will let the file open. But I when I click on File the drop down menu is not there. I really need this for work.

Other outputs such as when I try to run a xbee XCTU on as root I get:

No protocol specified
No protocol specified
No protocol specified
An error has occurred. See the log file

And the log file shows:
!SESSION 2019-09-02 16:14:57.274 -----------------------------------------------
java.vendor=Oracle Corporation
BootLoader constants: OS=linux, ARCH=x86_64, WS=gtk, NL=en_US
Framework arguments: -clearPersistedState
Command-line arguments: -os linux -ws gtk -arch x86_64 -clearPersistedState

!ENTRY org.eclipse.osgi 4 0 2019-09-02 16:14:58.165
!MESSAGE Application error
org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [gtk_init_check() failed]
at org.eclipse.swt.SWT.error(
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.createDisplay(
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.create(
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.<init>(
at org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display.<init>(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.createDisplay(
at org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createDisplay(
at com.digi.xctung.application.XctungApplication.start(Unknown Source)
at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.runApplication(
at org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.start(
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
at org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.Main.invokeFramework(
at org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.Main.basicRun(
at org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.Main.main(

Please any advice would be very appreciated as I have been struggling with this for about a month since I did a fresh install and upgrade to trusty.

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Re: No protocol specified

Postby pylkko » 2019-09-03 06:47

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