Kernel 4 or 5 with IBM X3850 X5

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Kernel 4 or 5 with IBM X3850 X5

Postby g7rau » 2019-08-31 06:41


I recently purchased an X3850 x5 to replace my aging HP webserver that runs a project for amateur radio- (Live MUF).

As I was used to Debian 8 I installed this and all was OK once I found the network drivers. I wanted to bring it up to date so I upgraded to Deb 9 and on reboot an error light came on the server that took a cold start to remove the error. I chose the kernel 3 that was in the grub list still and Deb 9 booted fine. I have tried loading the 4.9 kernel various ways to no avail (GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="mptbase.mpt_msi_enable_sas=0 iommu=soft amd_iommu=on").

I have downloaded all the non-free firmware from the deb repository but this made no difference. I even tried the backported 5 kernel but that was the same. Am I doomed to stay on Deb 8 for the next 5 years (not the end of the world) or can anybody point me in the direction of a solution? I went back to Deb 8 and I am now soak testing it to see if there are any funnies but so far so good. I want to get it in as a replacement in the next 4 weeks but being able to get to deb 9 beforehand would be a bonus. Patching the firmware is not an option, I do all this project for free and cannot afford a doorstop creation episode :).

P.S. I am asking here as I see that anything other than a SUSE or RedHat question on the IBM site gets a big boo from the audience! I have googled a lot which makes me wonder if nobody is using one of these with later than Deb 8 yet. I am amazed nobody else hit this issue as there are a lot of X5s in the 2nd hand market and many are like me trying to keep a free project going with minimal personal cost buying 2nd hand server kit.

I am willing to build my own kernel if I cannot do anything via a grub boot but does anyone know what I need to include? I have read a lot and to be honest I am more confused now than I ever was!

Many thanks, Dave Edwards
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Re: Kernel 4 or 5 with IBM X3850 X5

Postby stevepusser » 2019-08-31 17:08

There are some Debian-based distros that include all the non-free goodies in order to make setup easier for beginners---I'm involved with MX Linux myself. If they work, that holds out hope that vanilla Debian can be made to work with some extra effort.

You could try running a Live Session of MX 18 or the current MX 19 (Debian 10) beta to see how they boot up. MX 18 and 19 currently are using 4.19 kernels.
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Re: Kernel 4 or 5 with IBM X3850 X5

Postby g7rau » 2019-09-06 03:04

Many thanks Steve, I will give that a go. I did upgrade to Deb 9 using 3 kernel so getting 4 running on this would be great. It must be possible as fedora server 30 uses the 5 kernel and that installed 1st time but it felt very alien to me hence I am back with Debian.

Cheers, Dave
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