Undocking not properly detected

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Undocking not properly detected

Postby jmr » 2019-11-17 01:33

I seem to have a regression since upgrading from Strech to Buster.
This is on a Dell Latitude E6430. I'm often using it while traveling, with the built-in screen, but when at home, I'm docked with a Dell PR02X. In that case, I'm not using the internal screen - only an external monitor through one of the DVI ports of the dock.
The transition from one mode to the other used to be 100% reliable. Since the Buster upgrade, it quite often requires two dock/undock cycles for the laptop to detect it. This is especially frustrating when undocking, since I often only detect it while away from home, and wakeup from sleep wakes up the laptop, but there's no image.
No clear indication if this is worse when undocking while in sleep mode compared to doing it with the laptop awake.
CTRL-ALT-F1 will give me a console, but ALT-F7 returns to a black screen.
Putting it back to sleep (by closing the lid) and re-awaking it doesn't help.
This is on KDE.
Any idea where I should start my investigation?
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