backup/export MATE desktop configurations

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backup/export MATE desktop configurations

Postby faziopesce » 2019-12-19 08:36

Hi, I'd like to know how can I export/backup all MATE desktop configurations in order to use them in a clean install. Which are all the configurations path that I have to backup?
I'd prefer if you link me complete docs and wiki about this topics instead of "raw configurations path".
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Re: backup/export MATE desktop configurations

Postby shep » 2019-12-19 22:09

There has been an attempt to standardize all user config files into ~/.config/. That said, some older apps still use hidden rc files/directories. For example vim -> ~/.vimrc. Older mpd versions used ~/.mpdconf., Firefox -> ~/.mozilla/, Chromium -> ~/.config/chromium/, Sylpheed -> ~/.sylpheed-2.0/. So the answer is it depends on what you have installed.

I usually make a dot-old configs folder in ~/.config and copy those hidden files to it.
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Re: backup/export MATE desktop configurations

Postby Bulkley » 2019-12-19 23:16

I generally copy the whole /home directory and everything in it to a USB drive. I also copy any special configurations I need such as /etc/network/interfaces. I may not need all of what I saved but at least I have it available.

You are smart to think about this ahead of time; it can save a lot of panic later on.
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