Is it possible to use MX Linux backport repos on Debian 10?

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Is it possible to use MX Linux backport repos on Debian 10?

Postby shrud » 2020-01-07 14:08

Hi all,

I’m running a Debian 10 (buster) system and curious about using Mx Linux backport repos for certain packages I need which are not available in the Debian buster-backport repos. I understand this may go against DontBreakDebian, but I’m inclined to think it wouldn’t necessarily be a problem since MX Linux is quite similar to Debian stable base.

So would it be better to utilize the Mx Linux repo or is it better to try and backport the software myself. Software in question is Qemu and libvirt
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Re: Is it possible to use MX Linux backport repos on Debian

Postby Bulkley » 2020-01-07 20:05

While I sometimes use packages from outside the appropriate Debian repository I never leave a foreign repo open. Taking a single package is manageable. Leaving such a repository open is an invitation for strays to wander in every time one does an upgrade. Block outside repos with a #.

Also, when taking an outside package use a -s like this:
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apt-get -s install libvirt

The -s will force a trial run and show what would really get installed. If it is a stand alone package there is unlikely to be any problem. If it wants to bring in a long string of dependencies watch out!

BTW, what's wrong with the Debian versions of Qemu and libvirt?
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Re: Is it possible to use MX Linux backport repos on Debian

Postby stevepusser » 2020-01-07 20:19

We currently don't have any backports of libvirt or QEMU in the MX repos, anyway, though I could try adding them. I build the MX packages there against vanilla Debian releases in chroots as much as possible, so this keeps almost all of them compatible with stock Debian. For example, Buster users should be able to safely install and use the MX 19 version of Kodi 18.5 or Waterfox-classic-kpe 2019.12 recently added there.

I also maintain some backports in the openSUSE Build Service, even for testing and Sid if Debian doesn't update them often, such as KeepassXC--Debian upstream is still 2.4.3: ... /keepassxc
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