Apache timeout

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Apache timeout

Postby kronos13 » 2019-12-30 23:04

Hello, i have installed debian 10 on my pc, i installed apache2 and i'm trying to bind a domain to my pc
I've added in my router's forwarding the port 80.

When i enter to the domain from my browser i can access to my apache published site, if i access from another device in my lan, it works well.
Now, the problem is: when i attempt to access from an external device i just get a Timeout error

I have searched over the internet and still can't solve the problem

I tried using an additional port, so added "Listen 8000" to my apache configuration

Now i can access using mydomain:8000 from any device (On my lan or external) without problem, but still have the same problem when accessing from an external device with the port 80

What can it be? How may i solve this?
Thanks to all who can help me.
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Re: Apache timeout

Postby DebbyIan » 2020-01-16 18:25

The connection is timing out because your LAN's firewall is blocking incoming connections from the world on port 80.

On the gateway please do:

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sudo ufw status

If TCP/80 isn't allowed then you can do:

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sudo ufw allow 80/tcp && sudo ufw reload
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