how to run builddep- manually due to circular dep

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Re: how to run builddep- manually due to circular dep

Postby cuckooflew » 2020-06-17 11:36

You really should consider using code boxes for these kind of posts.
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Re: how to run builddep- manually due to circular dep

Postby stevepusser » 2020-06-18 04:17

I'm pretty sure that when I build openjdk-8 using sbuild, it tries by default to use all my cores. Generally, I don't want to use all twelve threads on my laptop and squeeze me off to the side, so I try to pass the upper case "-J10" or something like that to the build command, which is a stronger command to limit it to ten threads.

For sbuild, the command is something like this:
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sbuild  --arch=amd64 -d buster --debbuildopt=-J10 --force-orig-source -s -A \
--extra-repository="deb [trusted=yes] buster wtf" \
--extra-repository="<some other repo you might want to tack onto Buster for the build>"

Note that I added the wtf repo there so you can get their openjdk-8 packages for your reinvention of the wheel.
That's all one command--I use backslashes to organize it better in my cheat sheets.

Mirbsd is using the same exact orig source tarball as Debian is, the only difference being in the debian folder's instructions on how to build the dang thing.
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Re: how to run builddep- manually due to circular dep

Postby MagicPoulp » 2020-06-18 06:39

I was wrong I did not monitor properly that debuild was not running on all cores. The build tests at the end made it low slow.

I still don't know why the binary sizes differ so much. Probably due to build flags.

If I really wanted security, I probably would use the proprietary Oracle Java 8. I don't have the time to check how safe is this openjdk source, etc.
If I wanted security, I would make sure Java is skipped totally but I couldn't.

I probably would use linux form scratch to really check what I am running. ANd I would rely on how much "peer reviewed" is the stuff I install. And this openjdk8 would not pass the check.

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