How to make frugal install?

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Re: How to make frugal install?

Postby cayoenrique » 2020-08-17 09:15

I been busy cleaning my laptop hard disk. I guess I need even another day. It is 1.5GB of old unused windows plus all the development I did on previous Distro. Plus I got way with the usual family quality time of the weekend.

@cuckooflew I seen your many post helping others. You are one of the good ones. Keep the good work. Please notice that you put me on defensive mode right at my very 1rst post. I hope you give me a chance to change that impression. I do not pretend to influence other newbies, if you are a newbie please use any of the OFFICIAL DEBIAN Links that had been provided in this thread.

@anticapitalista, thanks for the gitlab link. Wao it was not a funny thing, you are the developer or at list one of them.

This thread was open with the intention to see what is available in Debian Forum if any.
Once I am out of the cleaning of my Laptop, As a personal project I plan to work for 1 month to see how far I get. I am hopping that it will be only 1 week.

I need to play with Debian Live. Maybe that is all I need.

Also Remember Install Debian so you can boot a full install read only mode
ruffwoof seems to be happy with Debian Live back in 2016-09-08 17:31. Sadly that user last post here was in 2019-07-27 16:10. I need to test also his provided method.

But to be honest the old Distro provided very simple script to build their stuff. So it is not that I am doing it blind. But in their script the use/install some NONE Debian packages with binaries. Those are the ones I like to prevent use or substitute with Debian own or batch files. Well I may need to build my kernel with AUFS/ OverlayFS. And I guess the rest is on the initrd. Debian Live initrd should help me. And just as it has been suggested by cuckooflew and others,
For a full Debian install, but minimal, I use the netinstall image.
. Yes the original script start with Debian netinstall image and/or debootstrap. Finally what makes Frugal really nice and powerful is what i called the manipulation scripts to do Remaster of the squash Debian file system and the Persistence File. That I hope will be the easy part as I expect the most should be compatible with the original distro deb packages. Those deb contains mostly programs using linux terminal commands in bash script files.

Feel free, I do not intent to build my own Distro. See all started when I refuse to use Win10. So I move to Lubuntu, did not like it. Then I move to my previous Distro, all OK but then John Murga, the owner of the server where the past forum died. The ones taking over have their own mind on what is the future of it. So I decided to try official Debian. But after having a taste of frugal install I see its advantages. I got curious as how far I can get official Debian to work as close I will love it to be, without any other distro intervention. The next week will be interesting for me.

See you guys around.
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