setting a basic nftables ruleset on debian

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setting a basic nftables ruleset on debian

Postby vryni » 2020-11-08 09:04

Having read about nftables being Debian's default
and preferred firewall, i installed and enabled it to launch on boot
on my Debian desktop with the commands mentioned
on Debian wiki :

(nftables in Debian the easy way

# aptitude install nftables
# systemctl enable nftables.service

Being completely uninformed on this :
Am i to conclude that my desktop is being guarded by
a default nftables ruleset ?

If not
Is there somewhere a dependable basic rulest version
i can safely copy-paste to my desktop ?

What is the easiest way to safely create such basic defense ?
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Re: setting a basic nftables ruleset on debian

Postby reinob » 2020-11-08 10:57

You can check the output of "nft list ruleset".
If its empty, then the firewall (nftables) is not doing anything.
If you want to set-up some rule, do it at /etc/nftables.conf

If you need an example to start with, check in /usr/share/doc/nftables.
Take workstation.nft as a starting point.
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